Global 360 is on a mission to give POWER to the individual to transform their own lives & community.

The causes which ignite our passion.

70% of the worlds illiterate  people are women.
33,000 girls become child brides everyday.
More than 1 Billion people  lack access to basic health care services.
14% of the world remains illiterate today

Women's Empowerment

70% of the worlds illiterate  people are women.

Child Welfare

33,000 girls become child brides everyday.


14% of the world remains illiterate today

Healthcare Access

More than 1 Billion people  lack access to basic health care services.
Getting things done
for good™

Funding and Operating
Sustainable, Impact Driven Ventures

Global 360 Degrees is best thought of as a leadership group behind a movement of ethical enterprise and investment.

Our companies and activities foster an environment for like-minded, altruistic individuals to create a platforms that power change for good.


Market Need

The founding inspiration behind the Global 360° Group recognized that many individuals desire to do more for their communities, but lack the opportunity or resources to do so.

We wanted to create a catalyst for change, freeing individuals from their daily burdens and allowing them to express their true altruistic nature.

Once empowered, an individual can also empower many others, who in turn can do the same for many more. Together, our impact can become infinite.


board of experts

Our board is united by a common yearning to positively change the lives of others and foster their potential.

Each member is an expert in their respective fields of healthcare, finance, and investment. When combined, they see the potential for a better way to do business while serving the greater good.



We are re-imagining the status quo in business and creating a family of companies which share a common philosophy.  

Each of our companies shares three elements;

- Creating better outcomes for clients.

- Providing a better place to work.

- Supporting a positive social impact.


sustainable income

We believe in sustainable philanthropy which is why each of our companies provides a self-sustaining revenue stream to fund our humanitarian initiatives.

It is our determination to prove that self-sustaining philanthropy is a viable model for long-term change.

Our Companies

The Global 360° Group and companies operate ventures across the areas of health, wealth and humanity.

Our 1% Pledge

In our first financial year (just 6 months into operation), we successfully funded our first humanitarian initiative.

We will carry this forward into each new year while also allocating an additional minimum 1% of revenue each following year.

This approach will create a compounding affect to our cumulative impact over time.

Individual Lives Touched

Global 360 Impact

Humanitarian Outreach

We create long-term partnerships with existing organizations, providing ongoing support to existing and new initiatives, both locally and abroad. We can provide skilled professional assistance from our network and financial support.

Mentorship & Knowledge Transfer

We facilitate mentorship and knowledge sharing within our community of staff and associates. Through this community, we nurture like-minded altruistic individuals to unlock their full potential and make an impact on their community.

Impact Driven Investment

We invest in a variety of projects and ventures. Before we do, we make sure that they align with our ethos and provide added value to the welfare of the community.  

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