Global 360 -
Creating sustainable impact-driven ventures that change the world one individual at a time

Holistic medical clinics with a difference.

Empowering doctors and patients towards better health through accessible and nurturing healthcare. .

Safe, convenient, attentive clinics for the whole community.
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Future proof home loan strategies for home buyers and investors to take their dollar further.

Tailored finance solutions built around you. Winning strategy. Smart rates.
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Gain access to market-leading rates from a panel of pre-vetted builders, maximize return on investment and reduce the stress of building.

Your expert guide for peace of mind. It's the smarter way to build.
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Full-service real estate buyer’s advocates and property investment consults.

Empowering individuals through holistic wealth and real estate investment strategies.

Helping professionals expand their financial horizons
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Full-Spectrum Real Estate Concierge and Property Investment Advisors.

Enabling individuals to harness the full potential of wealth through comprehensive real estate investment methodologies.

Real Value, Real Results
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Being human is a given, but remembering our humanity is a choice.

The philanthropic non-profit humanitarian outreach division of the Global 360° Group.

Facilitating aid initiatives, skilled volunteering partnerships and medical/educational development projects.

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