Global 360° Group Pens New Partnership with Bridge Impact Capital

July 15, 2022

Since first incorporation in early 2020, Global 360° has firmly established its influence in the Sydney Hills Community and now has secured a partnership which will see its influence extend internationally, including the world's most significant healthcare development project in Indonesia.

In mid 2022, the Global 360° group penned a deal with Bridge Group Holdings to a secure 10% stake as it acquires Alinea Impact Capital and Bridge Impact Capital to launch an exciting new phase of company growth.  

Under the merger, Bridge Group Holdings has active mandates (via proxy) supporting the development of 23 hospitals and 650 healthcare clinics in West Java, Indonesia – a deal worth over $1.3B. In addition to this, the group is currently proposing a feasibility study to upgrade 19 hospitals and build 10 green field hospitals in Bangladesh, alongside a capital raising exercise for yet another hospital.

Bridge Group Holdings has a wide-reaching network of established global relationships within the infrastructure development and funds management industries. Partnering with this established player represents a great boon for Global 360° as this will see one of its long-term goals, to build hospitals abroad, materialise just two years since its first incorporation.

For Global 360°, this is not the result of mere good fortune. The company operates by the principle of 'getting things done for good', with an ethical backbone of social enterprise running through its veins. This mindset is what attracted Bridge Group Holdings, as both share a vision and commitment to transformational healthcare. Together the companies aim to help close the healthcare gap for vulnerable communities across the globe.

"A key priority of the Global 360° group has always been to develop affordable, accessible medical facilities in underdeveloped and developing nations. Bridge Impact Capital has a long-standing track record of work in this area. It was a meeting of the minds, and we saw that we could add value to each other's work," says Dr Guru Yajaman, Director and Co-founder of Global 360°.

The Chairman of Global 360°, Mr Madhu Ramana Says;

“Beautiful partnerships are possible when we share the same ambition, vision and passion. Global 360°’s vision has been to transform one life at a time. This opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with Industry leaders allows us to impact more lives positively and at a much greater scale”.

An essential agenda item for the new partnership will be to expand its footprint into India by building community clinics and hospitals, accelerating Global 360°'s plans in this space.

According to Dr Stephen Moss, Chairman of Bridge Global Holdings, "COVID-19 has changed the world forever. Right now, is a once-in-a-lifetime inflection point in global healthcare. The opportunity to create an impactful and commercially successful hospital and clinic network, especially in developing economies, is growing exponentially."

While this may be the latest, it is not the first healthcare venture for Global 360°. The group is already delivering three local Sydney-based medical super-centres under their Health 360° banner. These GP led super-centres will integrate allied health providers, medical specialists, medical imaging and pathology under one roof, providing everything required for holistic patient care. The first centre is earmarked to open in late 2022.