Founders Visions from Madhu Ramana

September 17, 2020

The initial seed of inspiration for Global 360 Degrees was planted in my mind over a decade ago. It was a difficult time for me, as my mother passed away. Her last few moments with us were spent in an overseas hospital. Unfortunately, the patient care at this hospital was very dispassionate. It was evident that billing and business took priority, rather than empathetic care.

While we were able to cover the costs of treatment, the experience left our family feeling insignificant. I hate to think what would have happened if we were not in the financial position to pay upfront.

It was here that a painful realization struck me. What my family experienced is a cold, hard reality which countless people face each day. I believe healthcare is a basic human right and it grated on me to know it was not accessible all. From then on, I felt inspired to right this wrong in whatever way I could.

As the years progressed, several other causes also became dear to me. I knew that these deserved to be supported as well. The more I opened my mind to the world around me, the greater the need and opportunity I saw to help women, children, and their communities through better access to healthcare and education.

However, I am not new to the way the world works. I know that coming from a place of financial strength is the most effective way to make change. Conversely, I see that struggle and economic scarcity are the biggest barriers to humanity. It seems most people spend all their time and energy trying to make ends meet. It occurred to me that if their financial needs were taken care of, they would have an opportunity to expand their potential and help others. This realization was the core inspiration behind Global 360 Degrees.

What started as a small seed of an idea in 2007, began to take roots in recent years with the help of some like-minded friends. Together we co-founded Global 360 Degrees, with a mission to empower individuals, one person at a time. We seek to create a platform that empowers others to be the best versions of themselves by helping them to create financial means to express their higher purpose.

Initially, the biggest challenge we faced was communicating with others exactly what we were going to do and what we stood for. Everyone on the team understood our mission on a different level, and their valuable additions are what helped create our current direction and service offer. What is more, this is a unique concept and we had to create a unique business model to suit this.

Today our group of companies operates across different fields such as healthcare, real estate, construction, and finance. While diverse, there is a common thread that runs between each business portfolio which is our commitment to health, wealth, and humanity.

Each one of these business divisions acts as a revenue stream that channels funding and resources towards our humanitarian programs. We believe the best charity is not charity at all, it is self-sustaining philanthropy. That is why the Global 360 Group does not accept donations and operates as a profitable social enterprise.

I am very proud of the fact that we were able to launch this business during the height of COVID-19, while also achieving our first humanitarian goals 6 months ahead of schedule.

In June 2020, we partnered with our first humanitarian organization, Youth for Seva to form a scholarship program. We sponsored the ongoing tertiary education 10 Indian students in the fields of engineering and medicine. Each of the students was from a disadvantaged background and would not have the opportunity to pursue their studies otherwise.

Closer to home, we see a big opportunity to empower women who are escaping domestic violence or poverty and help them gain the confidence to enter the workforce. That is why we are supporting Dress for Success, an Australian charity with clothing donation drives, and mentoring.

We will also be supporting Barnado’s to equip foster carers with the essentials required to respond to emergency requirements when fostering vulnerable children.

Thinking about the future, I am very excited to see what it holds for Global 360 Degrees and my team. I know in my heart that the people I’ve met and included in this journey will put their right foot forward in doing their best to make the world we live in a better and safer place for the future generation and those currently residing in it.

Our movement is just getting started.