Founders Vision from Guru Yajaman


Being born and bred in India meant understanding that not everyone can afford healthcare or even, the life they deserve at a very tender age. It meant understanding that the best way to give back to my community was through working my way up until I was able to give freely – without socioeconomic restrictions.

My world and surroundings fueled my desire to be and do better, that’s why the profession I chose to dedicate my life to is healthcare. I studied as best I could in India, worked in the United Kingdom for more than a decade, and moved to Australia to seek out more opportunities. Though I was always doing my job right and being the best medical practitioner I could be, it felt as if there was still more that I could be doing.

By total chance, through the blossoming friendship between our daughters - I found a friend who shared the same yearning to give back to the world. Madhu, the co-founder of Global 360 Degrees, and I wanted to create a platform that empowers individuals to generate their own wealth so that once they become financially independent, they can effectively give back to their communities and to those in need. That’s when the idea of our social enterprise with a humanitarian vision came to life.

In order to incorporate the aspect of health into this organisation, the profits gained through the investment operations will be used to build medical centres to provide quality service locally. The idea is to have enough revenue to share this concept globally to create a high-quality and sustainable healthcare environment for the underprivileged and marginalized around the world.

To kickstart our aspirations for Health 360, we plan to create 5 medical super centres locally in Australia with the first super centre projected to be up and running at in Box Hill NSW in early 2022. Amid building our medical hub, we are utilising technology and our immediate medical network to enhance the patient experience.

During my time practising medicine in both India, United Kingdom, and Australia, I have found that many doctors and nurses treat their patients coldly with a detached mindset. I have always wanted to change that mentality and we are working with humans that require treatment with kindness and compassion. That’s why, as the CEO of Health 360, it is my responsibility to find like-minded individuals that are willing to devote their time and effort to the better patient care. This means finding the right doctors and support staff to create the right environment that builds empathy and human connection.

To support doctors in delivering personalized care, we will develop health-based E-learning apps which will be integrated into our process to empower patients to become their own expert, under the guidance of an attentive doctor. We see great opportunity at Health 360 Degrees to Mentoring our patients by educating them on their ailments with the help of these digital platforms will allow us to create an efficient two-way communication system which enables patients to track their progress, address their issues, and facilitate them with a better understanding and personalized support.

Through this effort, Health 360 hopes to create expert patients. With the excess of information around the world, our practitioners will guide the patients to sift through it all and manage their conditions better. Our allied specialists will be teaching and creating a whole new generation of expert patients.

Beyond exploring this digital health frontier, the goal is to provide convenient, accessible and wholistic care with all the necessary services such as allied health, pathology and in one central location. This will be connected by a healthcare system and culture which prioritized the individual’s healthcare experience and outcomes.

Currently, my personal mission is to seek out and connect with likeminded healthcare practitioners who want to explore a new frontier and create a new medical practice model which optimize patient wellbeing, staff satisfaction and social outcomes.

At the end of the day, the world is filled with individuals that are ever-ready to give back when they have the means to, my role is to be a catalyst in making this happen by creating a global network where like-minded medical professionals band together to ensure accessible and affordable healthcare is provided for all.